Winter wheels and tyres for less!

The UK has seen more and more snow each year, for this reason winter wheels and tyres have never been more necessary. There are lots of great low cost snow tyres available online so let's see what's on offer.

If you want the chance to bag some serious deals on your winter wheels and tyres then ebay.co.uk is the website for you. You can make offers to the sellers and there is always room for a bargain. Just search for winter wheels and tyres, apply the appropriate filters and then select the best suited tyres.

We found a perfect condition set of genuine VW Golf wheels and winter tyres with a 'Buy it Now' price of only £350. What's even better is that the bidding starts at only £200 and with no bids so far, now is a great time to swoop in and get these tyres at a steal.

If your happy with your tyres and just want to beef up the grip a bit then maybe snow chains should be considered? Thanks to websites like amazon.co.uk it is cheap and easy to get a really good set of chains.

Just head to the automotive department and search for snow chains. We found a set of Ice Grip 9mm K110 spring assisted tensioning car snow ice grip chains for only £34.99. Of course the price can vary depending on your tyre size. These are suitable for 215/55-17 and are sold in pairs. That's only £70 for some serious snow grip!

When it comes to winter wheels and tyres, eBay and Amazon are two of the best websites to get them cheap.

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