Women find men with flash cars a turn on

It’s long been a stereotype that women like men with high-status motors. The flashier the car the more likely the man is to get the woman of his dreams. Women have argued against this; however a recent study has proven this to be true.

According to a new survey carried out by the University of New Mexico, this isn’t the case. Women are still shallow and are turned on by men with an impressive set of wheels. Geoffrey Miller who founded the study said: ‘Around the 1970s, everyone in behavioural sciences assumed that as the wage gap between men and women decreased and women shattered the glass ceiling, you'd get equality of mate preferences, with men starting to pay as much attention to wealth as women traditionally did, but this isn’t the case.’

The facts and figures were discovered when the survey asked 240 people in their 20s & 30s to look at pictures of average looking people sitting, firstly, in the common road Ford Fiesta, and then in a pricey Bentley Continental. Women were instantly more attracted to the men in the high-status car while the men had no preference.

It's not known who did the ironing whilst this experiment took place.

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