Work on US Grand Prix abandoned

Construction of the 2012 US Grand Prix venue in Austin, Texas, has been stopped, according to the local American Statesman newspaper.

Reporter Eric Dexheimer claims that he has received several mystrerious phonecalls that informed him that work at the site of the Circuit of the Americas has not been going on for the past few days.

Rumour has it that there's no money to carry on with the project. One of the anonymous callers is reported to have said that 'the project's general contractor, Austin Commercial, had called a meeting of subcontractors last week and instructed them to go home for a couple of weeks; there was no money to pay them.'

But spokesperson for the circuit Jeff Hahn said that the construction of the circuit is still going ahead and that good weather meant that the construction was ahead of schedule and that contractors must wait 'a few days for the next instalment.'

'We're matching the (bank) draw schedule to the construction schedule,' he added.

Last week, David Coulthard did a demonstration of the Red Bull show car at a ranch owned by Circuit of the Americas backer Red McCombs and in front of the Texas State Capitol Building and at the dusty new grand prix site. Surprisingly, Tom Cruise was in attendance, and Coulthard went about showing Cruise how to drive the F1 car.

Red Bull confirmed that Cruise hit almost 300kmh on some lap times, to the delight of Coulthard.

'I was surprised that he picked it up so quickly and is such an accomplished driver,' said the big Scot.

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