World's first audio parking ticket warns motorists not to park illegally

A UK car parking enforcement agency has come up with a very novel idea to help landlords and private businesses handle illegal parking issues.

To get rid of pesky motorists from parking illegally, FlashPark has invented the world’s first audio parking enforment system.

The system plays a pre-recorded 30 second audio message that ‘non-confrontationally’ warns drivers that they are in violation of parking regulations and they should remove their vehicle or they will be fined, and also requests that the driver not to leave their car there in future.

The message also advises the driver that their car’s license plate has been photographed as evidence, and the enforcement company can obtain vehicle registration details from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and the offending motorist will receive a parking charge notice by post.

Parking charge notices are only issued on private property and are not parking fines, but invoices which are issued by a parking enforcement agency and not by local authorities.

"The flexibility of this verbal delivery method allows issuers to be as stern or as straightforward as they see fit depending on the situation,” said Costas Constantinou, who has developed the technology.

Future versions of the technology will allow drivers to record a response to the landowner.

The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 states that landowners are entitled to stop people parking on private property using parking charge notices, but the enforcement must be fair and reasonable.

Director of the RAC Foundation Professor Stephen Glaistersaid of the new technology, “For drivers already nagged to death by their satnavs this is the last thing they will want to hear if they have been slapped with a ticket. Perhaps the words should be replaced with soothing music. How about Money for Nothing by Dire Straits?"

The AA also had their doubts regarding the audio system, "We hope the electrics do not interfere with car electronics like remote locking systems otherwise those that place these devices on cars may find they get more than they bargained for instead of just a cheque from Flashpark from the proceeds of the parking ticket."

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