'World's most efficient electric car'

F1 designer Gordon Murray has unveiled the 'world's most efficient electric car' that he claims can run for 100 miles at a cost of 50p.

The T.27 is only 2.5 metres long, so you can fit three of them into one ordinary parking space. But at the same time it fits three people.

Murray Design was awarded a £4.5 million grant from a Government-backed strategy board in to create a more convenient car and environmentally friendly vehicle for the city, with the T.27 being the fruits of their labour.

Manfuactured using a method that requires less energy and natural resources, the T.27 is based on the strong design of Formula One cars. Murray claims that the car can drive for 100 miles with three passengers after charging for four hours. This would cost just 50p if charged overnight, or about a pound if charged during the day. It would cost £14 to power an equivalent petrol car over the same distance.

'I hope it will be a big milestone in automotive history,' said Murray.

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