Yamaha 2014 R25 - the M1s new cousin

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During the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show that is being held from November 23rd to December 1st at Tokyo’s Big Site convention center, Yamaha revealed its new 250cc motorcycle, the R25.

After revealing thirteen models in EICMA show in Milan, the Japanese manufacturer decided to save for the last their new machine, that they believe will be able to tackle the sport segment of small displacement motorcycles like Honda’s CBR250R or the new CBR300R and the Kawasaki Ninja 300.

This R25 is currently in the concept stage, but it probably won’t be long before Yamaha will unleash the new sports bike which is expected to hit the production line early in 2014 and will be developed for markets like Japan and Europe, but it will primarily be for emerging markets throughout Asia.

The R25s stunning sporting design is based on the YZR-M1 that Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi ride in the MotoGP World championship.

At the moment there aren’t many details regarding the new R25 motorcycle, except for the brief specs that were released during the show, but the bike will feature the ”latest technologies” developed by the tuning fork company.

The bike will be powered by a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, in-line, 2-cylinder, fuel injected engine with a displacement of 249cm3, with a slim and compact chassis that we believe could be similar to the 125cc version.

The unit transfers its power to the rear wheel through a constant mesh 6-speed transmission and we’ll have to accept for the time being 9-times World champion Valentino Rossi’s opinion on the R25 as he took it for a spin for the company’s promo video: “This bike really packs a punch.”

Yamaha also brought other concept bikes to the Tokyo show, like the PES1 and PED1 that are two electric bikes, the first is a street machine and the other is the offroad version and they also revealed two electric scooters, the Evino and the EKIDS.

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