Young drivers affordable insurance

Getting out on the roads after passing your test can be an absolute financial headache for young drivers, as insurance premiums for both sexes are typically sky high. However, Young Marmalade, which specialises in insurance for younger drivers, has cut its own premiums by 17 percent in the four months to the end of July, giving young pups hope that their four wheeled dreams can become reality.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, says: 'Most young people can't get their heads round why their first car insurance premium should be 10 times greater than what they might pay for an old banger. But it's got everything to do with the potential damage their irresponsible use can inflict. Entirely preventable car crash injury claims of £5m or more are becoming increasingly common.'<7p>

Young Marmalade uses black box technology to monitor driver behaviour such as braking and acceleration and uses that data to calculate premiums. The better it calculates you are driving, the lower the premium. So it's basically like having someone sitting besides you and judging you while you drive every time you get in the car. Not ideal, but the alternative of rocket high premiums we think is worse.

Nigel Lacy of Young Marmalade said of his firm's unusual methods: 'Young drivers are notoriously the sector that suffers the most in insurance costs. This is part of our ongoing commitment to get more young people driving – and driving safely. Intelligent Marmalade has had a very positive impact on safety; drivers are far more vigilant and careful with the 'black box' on board.'

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