Youngsters' premiums fall

Insurance as a young driver can be a nightmare. But according to the AA British Insurance Premium Index, insuring drivers aged 17-21 cost 5.6 percent less during the last quarter.

Simon Douglas, head of AA Insurance, feels for the plight of the young driver.

'Premiums have been rising at a disproportionate rate, but it seems at last that insurers are starting to compete a bit more for their business with rates starting to come down,' he said.

It's always cost more to insure your car if you're a young driver, owing to the higher risk of having an accident. Motoring safety charity Brake found that one in five newly qualified drivers had crashed within six months of passing their test.

But perhaps the real losers in this are women drivers, as the end of gender-based insurance pricing means that they are likely to see sharp rises in the amount they pay for their cover.

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