You've been clocked

A growing amount of car owners are clocking their own cars, according to a new investigation by Autoblog.

In an attempt to avoid high mileage fees on personal contract purchase (PCP) deals, many owners are turning to dodgy 'mileage correction' firms to rewind the clocks.

And the real sickener is that when the buyer gives the car back to the dealer, it's the dealer that will get stung when trying to sell the vehicle on.

'This could potentially be a growing issue,' said HPI's Alan Bishop. 'Consumers clocking cars is not a new phenomenon but it is fair to say that with the tools to adjust mileages so easily available on the web, consumers can get the job done much more easily than previously.

'Unfortunately some members of the public regard this type of fraud as a victimless crime. Clearly that is not the case – the victim is the dealer and potentially their next customer.'

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