Zap Alias: Three-Wheeled Electric Car

Zap may be a name you’ve never heard of, but it happens to be a world leader in electric and advanced technology vehicles. This California-based company aims to strengthen its foothold on the mainstream auto market with its planned offering for 2009: the three wheeled Zap Alias.

The Alias will have a top speed of 100 mph (160 kph), and be capable of travelling 100 miles (160 kilometres) on a single charge. It will be safety-rated as a motorcycle with enhanced safety features such as seatbelts and a roll hoop.

This three-wheeled wonder embodies Zap’s commitment to serving the demand for fuel-efficient and environmentally responsible vehicles. Since 1994, the company has delivered over 100,000 electric vehicles to more than 75 countries. The Alias will be built in a joint venture with China’s Youngman Automotive Group.

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