The concept behind zero motorcycles

Manufactured under the precipice of environmental preservation, zero motorcycles do not use even a drop of gas. These emission free bikes are taking the riding fraternity to new heights with this green technology. Powered by a battery and motor, the technology is getting better and innovative. Although the technology emanates from the United States, folks in the UK have a chance to sample this concept, with Electric Motorcycles Ltd (electricmotorcycles.co.uk) offering demos.

With models such as the Zero X, Zero MX, Zero DS (dual sport) and Zero S (street), all you need is to charge the battery for about 2 hours to 4 hours from flat to full charge. The Zero X lasts from 45-90 minutes, but this will depend on how you are riding the bike. On the other hand, the Zero S lasts for about 25-50 miles also depending on the riding conditions. Some of the factors that may reduce the range of the bikes include high speeds, stop starts and accelerating heavily.

These brands of motorcycles have a battery that lasts for about 5 years or 1000 cycles if running daily from flat. With the patented Z-force technology, the life of the battery is prolonged as it shuts down if a single cell malfunctions thus preventing draining. With the battery having an abundance of about 142 individual cells, failure of one cell will cause a negligible 1% reduction in power.

Cheap: the essence of producing electric bikes is to reduce the overall cost of powering your bike. When using electricity in the UK, the price will be about 5-10% of the actual petrol you use depending on the time you charge the battery. Therefore, you can greatly reduce the cost by charging it in off-peak hours. Nonetheless, with the bike selling for about $7,995.00 according to the (www.zeromotorcycles.com) website, the initial price is high, but this is offset by a considerable reduction in the future due to reduced price of powering the bike.

Before embarking on purchasing any of the Zero motorcycles brand, it is advisable to first take a demo and decide if it will be worth buying it. Electric Motorcycles Ltd will offer you the demo and insurance from their partnering company www.electricscooterinsurance.co.uk should you decide on purchasing the motorcycle.

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