Zero S voted 'European e-Motorbike of the Year 2013'

For the third consecutive year, Zero Motorcycles’ S electric motorcycle was voted “European e-Motorbike of the Year 2013” at Europe’s Clean Week 2020 that took place earlier this month.

Clean Week 2020 provides an annual review of environmentally friendly vehicles, “bringing together a diverse mix from the motoring and motorcycle industry to provide an independent analysis of alternative powered transportation technologies available today".

Some of Europe’s top journalists were tasked with evaluating all of the bikes, scooters and mopeds present and the Zero S came away with top honors again, against manufacturers like Brammo, Vectrix, IO, E-Max, Govecs, Dumco, Nimoto, Novox, Peugeot, Sens, Sym, Noveco, Emco and Solex.

Zero's 2013 Zero DS, a dual sport model, took second place during the event that was held at the Zolder circuit in Belgium.

Zero is a global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, and Edwin Belonje, Managing Director for Zero Motorcycles Europe said, “We’re honored the Zero S has defended its title again for the third year. With up to 137 miles range in the city, a top speed of 95 mph and a CHAdeMO accessory that allows recharging in around an hour, the 2013 model line is truly exceptional..”

The 2013 Zero S ZF11.4 which won the “e-Motorbike” class features an all new 54 hp Z-Force direct drive brushless motor which has almost twice as much horsepower compared to last year’s model with 68 ft, lbs. of torque.

This electric Streetfighter also features new bodywork, a new two-up seat and passenger pegs that are now standard. The Zero S sports a twin spar aluminum frame, Nissin 2 piston hydraulic floating brakes, as well as on-board storage, and also an improved rider interface and mobile device integration, which allows riders to view a customizable dashboard of detailed riding information and adjust the performance characteristics of the motorcycle.

In addition, the 2012 Zero S ZF9 recently won an “e-Motorcycle of the Year” title during an online election held by Motos.net, the leading motorcycle consumer website in Spain, with 533,469 people taking part, reported Zero Motorcycles.

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